October 2010 archive

Oct 31

Review: Butterfly Climaxer

Ever since I first became sexually active at 19 and began browsing local sex shops to indulge my curiosity in adult toys, I’ve been fascinated by rabbit vibrators. There would be shelves dedicated to them, among the many other vibrators to choose from, with many on display to play around with (well, obviously not entirely, …

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Oct 29

How to of Choosing Vibrators

There’s so much more to vibrators than meets the eye. Did you know there are over 5 different styles of vibrators on the market today, each one created to give you a different sensation? Today I’ll cover some of the more popular types – So you can choose the one that sounds the most enjoyable …

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Oct 27

Who is Mei QingTing?

Maybe it was the beer talking. Maybe it was the goading from the crowd, my desire for attention, maybe it was the adrenaline pushing through my veins from having a really good time. Maybe I make too many excuses. Either way, I dove into it. Head first. I mean how else do you dive in? …

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Oct 25

Who is Master Daemen?

Dear Readers, Thank you for visiting this blog, my name is Master Daemen. I am a Bi, poly and have switched from time to time. My job here is to write articles covering the toys that are designed for men. I think men’s sex toys are very rarely seriously reviewed, most reputable sex shops are …

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Oct 23

Who is pet lexie?

This whole blog came to Mei and i in a very odd way. Mei’s and her bf , at the time, PsycheDiver were over for dinner at Master Daemen and my apartment and he mentioned he was going to be shutting down the sex blog he had started a few years ago and that both …

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