World AIDS Day

So I’m going to climb up on my soap box for today’s post.

As young people today we have never known a world without AIDS. When it was first brought to public attention nearly 30 years ago, no one could have predicted that by 2010, more than 25 million people worldwide would have lost their lives to AIDS and another 33 million would be living with HIV.

Today nearly half of all new HIV infections occur among young people between the ages of 15 and 24. Ninety-seven percent of these new infections occur in low- and middle-income countries with limited access to HIV-prevention information and care.

December 1, 2010, marks World AIDS Day, an opportunity to raise awareness, fight stigma, remember those who have lost their lives or loved ones to AIDS, and celebrate the many advances in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment that have been made over the past 30 years. This year’s World AIDS Day theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights,” which calls attention to the fact that, despite our progress, many people, often those most vulnerable to HIV infection, lack access to the care and services they need. One Millennium Development Goal was to achieve universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it by 2010. Though the world has not yet reached this goal, it is achievable. World AIDS Day is a moment for researchers, policymakers, program managers, peer educators, and others working in the field of HIV/AIDS to recommit to achieving universal access to care and services and, by doing so, to protect the human rights of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Ways to Commemorate World AIDS Day

  1. Remember those who lost their lives – Visit the AIDS Memorial Quilt
  2. Celebrate progress – Attend a World AIDS Day event
  3. Know your status – Get tested
  4. Show solidarity – Wear a red ribbon
  5. Raise awareness – Tweet or post a Facebook status about World AIDS

So a brief rundown on HIV and AIDS

Q: What is HIV?
A: HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system – the body’s defence against diseases.

Q: Are HIV and AIDS the same?
A: No. When someone is described as living with HIV, they have the HIV virus in their body. A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak it can no longer fight off a range of diseases with which it would normally cope.

Q: How is HIV passed on?
A: HIV can be passed on through infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids or breast milk.
The most common ways HIV is passed on are:

  • Sex without a condom with someone living with HIV
  • Sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment
  • From an HIV-positive mother (to her child) during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding (but with effective treatment and care the risk of transmission can be greatly reduced)

Q: I don’t know anyone with HIV… do I?
A: Today there are more people than ever before living with HIV, but less people report knowing someone with HIV. People with HIV generally look healthy and many do not find it easy to tell other people, so you may not realise if someone you know if HIV positive.

Q: Is there a cure for HIV?
A: No, but treatment can keep the virus under control and the immune system healthy. People on HIV treatment can live a healthy, active life, although they may experience side effects from the treatment. If HIV is diagnosed late, treatment may be less effective.

Q: How can I protect myself and others from HIV infection?
A: Always use a condom when having vaginal or anal sex. You also may want to use a condom or dental dam during oral sex although the risk of transmission of HIV is much lower. You can get free condoms from a sexual health clinic. Never share needles, syringes or any other injecting equipment.

Did you know?

  • Over a quarter of people with HIV don’t know they are infected.
  • For someone diagnosed today at 35, the average age of diagnosis, life expectancy is over 72.
  • The most common treatment today for someone diagnosed with HIV early is one pill, once or twice a day.
  • Lots of people with HIV work and their HIV does not affect their working life.
  • With the right medical help, the vast majority (approximately 99 per cent) of HIV positive women can give birth to healthy uninfected babies.
  • There is no known case of HIV ever being transmitted at school yet some schools still refuse to accept children with HIV.
  • HIV affects all ages. One in six people living with HIV were over 50. Last year one in ten people diagnosed were aged 16 to 24.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. There are 25 names on my list this year of friends and loved ones that this disease has taken and another 10 more who have HIV in my life. AIDS has taken enough people I know and loved. Please visit Light to Unite to light a candle for our friends and family who have contracted HIV/AIDS, and to shed some light on this issue.

I’ll get off my Soap Box now. Thank you and good night.

Review: The Flishlight

That’s right the flishlight, the grand pappy design of male masturbators The outside is a simple grey “flashlight looking” tube and inside it’s a cyberskin orifice for you to fuck. It’s available here in three different styles, please check it out!

So during the Everything To Do With Sex Show I went out and picked up something I had been interested in trying for some time, my very own Flishlight. I say flishlight because I had to buy a knock-off because the makers of the original felt didn’t want an independent review. Makes me wonder why this company doesn’t want someone who isn’t in their back pocket doing a review of the product and I encourage them to contact me to discuss it.

I decided to choose the vaginal opening one as I’m kind of a thick guy and I wasn’t sure the aperture on the ass or the mouth was going to be big enough to handle my girth. The staff for cupid boutique were awesome and helped me find one to put through its paces.

So when I got home I decided for my first date with this toy I would just get myself nice and hard, slide it on and give this thing a ride. That where I learned my first big mistake with this toy, lube is needed… A LOT. She was tighter then my catholic girlfriend on prom night. So the first night was no joy. The second night I decided to try things a little different. I brought it to the dining room, I opened a bottle of wine, lit some candles, had a nice dinner. After all, it gets me in the mood for some luving, so why not right?

After dinner and a movie I took Veronica (yes I named her) up to my bedroom. Now usually if I’m going to play with my joystick I do it in my office at the computer where I can use the internet for its true purpose. I figured I should be free of distractions, so I set the lights low in the bedroom, found a tube of lube and went to work. When lubing up the toy I recommend treating it just like a vaj in real life, take you index and middle finger, cover them in a good coating of lube and give the toy a good finger banging, make sure it’s thoroughly coated on all parts that will come into contact with your manhood. I also found putting some lube on the outside of the cyberskin gave it a wet look and made it feel and look like a wet shaved, cock hungry pussy. When lubed up she slid on like a silk glove (wow that’s an odd image). The sound the toy makes its kinda strange; it is totally not natural sounding I would equate it to a robot pretending to pant by releasing air from a piston. The sensation that you feel is akin to tiny little rows of beads rolling up and down your head and shaft. If you’ve ever been given head by someone with a tongue stud, it feels similar, but increase the number of studs to about 16 and instead of metal it feel more like flesh. I find this rather pleasing and with some stroking it feels great.

Now I found the toy to be much heavier then what I was used to and either I needed to work on that motion more or this toy is a quick way to tennis elbow if used often.

Now after our date cleaning the ‘light’, it’s well, the oddest thing I have ever been a part of in a sex act, and I have done some odd things. When you pull the cyberskin part of the toy out of the housing to clean, it’s the colour of processed chicken and the looks like a genetically engineered leech, engineered by a very perverted scientist. Cleaning its easy, just run water though the top for a while, till all you can feel throughout the toy is water, not lube or cum, then let it dry and use a little cornstarch and it’s good to go.

All in all I would completely recommend this as a solo toy. As a partner toy frankly I don’t see the point, you have to be hard to use this thing so it’s not a warm up toy. I mean sure your partner can use it on you, or you on him, but why not just have sex with your partner?

All and all, it’s not the real thing, but on a lonely night or a horny afternoon with no one home it’ll do the job, do it well and leave you with a good smile.

Review: Everything to do with Sex show

Master D and I went to “The Everything to do with Sex Show” here in Toronto on Saturday November 20th just to see the sights and what was new. This was by no means our first visit to the show, we weren’t there last year but were there the previous 2 years and I was there a few times before I met Sir. We got passes from one of our favourite vendors Lovestyle adult toys and so we figured we would see what was new and exciting in the world of sex.

We got to the show and when we got inside the first thing we see are the lovely girls from, offering a free vibrating cock ring if you sign up to their mailing list this sounds good to us and bodes well for the show, already free swag and fun swag at that. So after we signed up we figure we would do this systematically. Start at the right side of the show and just do it aisle by aisle.

The first booth we see is for Sgt. Splatter’s Paintball, Umm can someone please tell me how this is related to sex? Yes they had Anissa Holmes appearing at their booth but I can’t see the relationship to the topic. This wasn’t the only booth I didn’t understand being there. There was also Psychic Jasmin, International Automotive, Wow Wow Nails, an arts and crafts both selling bookmarks and earrings that weren’t the least bit erotic unless you were planning on spanking your partner with the flat end of the book mark. 2 separate booths one on each side of the show for a company selling hair straighteners and Perfume Direct who were selling discounted main stream perfumes. None of these seemed to have anything to do with actual sex.

Now on to the vendors… There were the standard assortments of booths from the bigger name sex shops Cupid Boutique, Love Shop and all selling mostly the same products and all at around the same price as each other so if you had planned to shop around for the best price for a toy at the show you probably weren’t going to do it with them.

That being said we would like to send a shout out to all the wonderful ladies at the Cupid Boutique booth for being friendly and assisting us in finding the right toy for Master D, and spending time with us discussing the newer toys in the market and which toys we the ones that they had tried and really liked.

Another shout out goes to the staff at’s booth they were friendly, helpful, and in most cases it was clear they had tried the toys and could explain them. When I discovered they were selling the Je Joue ‘Sasi’ Rechargeable Personal Pleasure Device and their demo model was out of power I asked if they had another one charged, the girl helping me went to find it without any questions, realizing that without being able to see it work, I probably wasn’t going to shell out $150 for it. They had a great deal on the sqweel and I finally got to play with it but we didn’t get it right on the spot thinking that we would come back to do our shopping at that booth, but didn’t get back to them because I stated to get a headache. One of our friends was running an errand to their store for me tonight and when he mentioned that we were at the show and that this was for me to the person helping him they actually remembered who we are and remembered talking to us at the show 9 days ago, that was just impressive.

Now on the other end of the spectrum the Love Shop get a big raspberry in their general direction. They seemed seriously under staffed and when I asked a question about a glass toys warranty they laughed at me telling me there was no guarantee on any glass products from any store, at which point I informed them both and Lovestyle Adult toys both stood behind their products and would replace them if they got damaged. Sir went to buy a small pair of adornments for me and it took him 15 minutes to pay for the product because there was one girl working the single register they had there and the lineup was huge.

There were the usual booths we expected to see there… Aslan leather, B.A.R.E Restraints, Condom Shack, Good for Her, Lovestyle Adult toys, and the Suicide Girls. We had expected that both Condom Shack and the Suicide Girls would have had a bigger presence there but they had very small booths and the Condom Shack really didn’t have a great selection. Good For Her didn’t have anything you couldn’t get at their store and there were no discount that I could see which was rather disappointing.

Special shout outs go to Lesley & Greg from Lovestyle Adult toys who have some of the best glass toys I have ever seen or felt, they also had the best discounts on their products that we found at the whole show. My one new toy from the show this year was their Leo. Another shout out goes to Carrie of Aslan Leather who are not only the makers of my favourite collar, but also remembered seeing Sir and I at the Church St. Fet fair and taking a picture of my collar back then as it is still in great shape for a collar that gets quite a bit of use for so many years. And last but not least Beth from B.A.R.E. restraints who has made the original cuffs set I presented Sir with when he decided to collar me and I accepted, and the replacement set when someone stole them at an event after a play session, she also made the rat tail flogger and moose flogger that are pictured in Master D’s post on floggers.

Some of the new additions to the show for me were Clips4Sale who were offering a free trial of their video service, Ecosex, and Silicox. Now Ecosex is no stranger to me as I have been to the store and love seeing what is new and exciting, I think the wood toys they are carrying are great and I’m looking forward to eventually trying them out.

Now Silicox get our new and interesting award, Master describes their product “like Meccano for grownups.” The whole premise is they have a standardized attachment and you can get various bases and dildoes to attach to them, it works sort of like the Vac-U-Seal system but with more versatility and an easier time removing the toy from the base. We look forward to seeing what this toy company comes out with next.

Another interesting award goes to Work or Play on the Go, for this collapsible dungeon furniture. Their folding bench collapses to just 8 inches wide and is small enough to hide under a couch, but still very comfortable to use. We are defiantly going to be picking up one when we have the money. They also have a St. Andrew’s cross that folds down into a hockey bag but it still incredible sturdy when it’s put together.

There were a few booth I was expecting to see there but didn’t including Come As You Are, and Leather Beaten both have been there in past years. But after talking to some of the vendors they were saying some vendors took a serious hit last year with the recession. Also the fact that the Hamilton, Calgary, and Toronto shows were one weekend after another made it so that some of the vendors couldn’t afford to do them all or they had difficulty getting their stock from Calgary to Toronto in time and some didn’t have enough stock to do all the shows. I noticed that attendance seemed to be down from the previous years and one of the organizers later confirmed that is was down by about 15% due to various reasons.

The big draw in past years for us is the community dungeon, and this year we weren’t really impressed. There was lots on information being passed around and lots of volunteers showing the equipment and talking about safety and prevertables but in the past years you were able to actually get your sub on a bench or cross and do some light play. This year it felt very uncomfortable and removed as all the equipment was behind ropes and it seemed like only volunteers were allowed to use it. We later found out it wasn’t the case and we could have used it if we wanted to but they really didn’t make any effort to communicate that to the visitors.

We were originally not going to be going to the show because the biggest factor for us is the cost of the show. It was $25 per person at the door, and if you drove in another $13 for parking. Since we live on the outskirts of the GTA we would have had to either drive in costing about $25 for gas or take the GO and then the TTC so that would be another $22.50 per person just to get to the show. So we were looking at between $88 and $95 just to get us in the doors without any shopping. That’s a lot of money just to get into the show, and with its reduced size and in some cases a lack of serious sales, if we hadn’t gotten passes and had to pay at the door I would have been very disappointed. All in all like any event it had it’s high and low points, we had fun and reconnected to some of our friends in the community and would go back in the future, but if you were coming to play or to get some serious deals this wasn’t the show to do it this year.

The Tools: Floggers

So far we’ve learned how to work in the public scene, and how to conduct yourself in a scene. Now we are going to talk about some of the tools, this time around I want to talk about my favourite tool floggers. Floggers have been around in one form or another since early Sparta, though it’s quite possible it’s been around longer. Your typical modern flogger consists of a handle and several ‘falls’ made of either suede, leather, rubber, rope, plastic, or PVC. Most floggers either deliver a deep tissue impact (described as a thunk or thuddy type) or have a sharp (stingy) impact. The goal of using a flogger is to trick the submissive’s body into thinking its under more strain then it actually is and release a massive amount of endorphin’s, releasing enough will typically put someone into the deep almost meditative state of ‘sub-space’ which when I work on someone with a flogger, is my goal. So let’s go over the components


The traditional handle is a solid cylinder of wood, plastic, or metal. With the falls attached by either a rivit, staple, or nail. Here are a couple of examples:

There are a couple of special cases, for example the nun’s discipline, as you can see these are designed to be held kind of like brass knucles, and rocked in your hand back and forth, I have the pair displayed and they are just perfect to work on someone standing, they are also one of only a few pairs in Toronto, that I know of.

The more common tool in Toronto is Freddie’s fingers. Take an open fingered glove and attach the falls to the finger openings, and bam freddie’s fingers.

Sloped handle floggers, I’m going to say this right now, if you are a fencer and prefer the ‘pistol grip’ blades, or you’re a fan or star wars ‘count douku’ this is totally the style for you. Designed to be held more like a handshake, what makes this design so lusted after by yours truly is that with a large weight at the bottom and my finger pointed up the shaft the flogger means it not only goes exactly where I want it to go but the counter weight allows me to keep flogging someone for hours and hours. A glory to behold. The sub that gets me a pair of my own will be flogged with both frequency and zeal.

Swivel head floggers are new up and comer in the flogging scene, a caster is fitted between the handle and the falls, this allows the falls to carry their own weight and reduces the arm stress on the Dom, this is again a design that reduces arm stress and allows for a longer flogging session.

T-bar floggers, as the name suggests it’s a t-bar with the falls on the end , you let be falls sit between the middle and ring finger and flog away, nice for a change of pace, and much easier to use one in each hand.


As we said before the falls are usually made from suede, leather, rubber, rope, plastic, or PVC. Sometimes though you get someone who has made something really funky, like rabbit fur or tubing from a fish tank aquarium.

With all these materials it really depends on how their cut, then number of falls and how well conditioned the material is. Suede is usually very supple and good for a warm up/beginner tool, but lacks the punch more advanced users crave. There are literally as many kinds of leather out there as there are critters walking the earth, mostly though leather is limited to cow, deer, buffalo, moose, kangaroo, snake, pig and eel . Leather from the larger animals tends to be thicker and thus have more thunk, Moose being a massive critter being the most thunky and pig tending to have the most sting. Veggie is pretty variable and is a good option for people who have problems with leather, a word of caution though, don’t leave veggie leather in the sun too long, and test the veggie toys before hand and they can change over time. Rope is usually nylon ‘jump’ cord and can vary wildly, one of my stingiest toys is jump rope with the ends of the falls melted, and conversely one of the most thunky is a jump cord flogger that is all tied two pieces of rope. Pictures are below.





Vegan – Jump Cord


Vegan – Rope

Plastic and PVC I usually only recommend for either heavy hitters or people who have nerve damage and can’t feel the part of the body I’m going to be working on otherwise. These tools are usually cheep (truth be told I’ve built one out of stuff I bought at a dollar store and spent only 3 dollars on the whole thing.) and usually mass produced. This in my opinion is a shame, the first flogger I bought was a pvc flogger from a kit and it was the most stingy, painful little critter I’ve ever owned. pet lexie threatened to toss it into a wood chipper and if it wasn’t for sentiment I would probably have let her. I’ve seen a PVC tube flogger snap a wooden school desk in half. I’m very serious when I say think very carefully before using one of these.


Shoe String Rubber


Technique plays a lot into flogging someone, and training on how to use a flogger properly takes time and patience. When I was training Doms, I would usually tell them that while it can take an hour or two to get the basics down properly it can take years to get to the point where you can just pick up a random flogger and flog a sub into ecstasy. The goal of a good flogging is to hit the upper back and the fatty part of the butt, some submissive can also handle being flogged on the breasts, and thigh, but you have to be really careful as one slip can be very painful and leave permanent marks. For the beginner I would recommend focusing on the back. To learn to use one flogger, find a door with a round door knob, your goal is to hit only the knob, nothing else. When you can do that about 15 times a minute for about 5 minutes you’re ready for a person. If you can do it for about 15 to 20 minutes you can consider working on places other than the back. To use two floggers at the same time the best training I’ve ever found is to get a set of double dutch rope, attach the other end of the rope to a wall and use sidewalk chalk to draw a tennis ball sized target on the ground, turn the jump rope, one in each hand when you can use both ropes to hit the target (and only the target) at a good rhythm until you have obliterated the chalk drawing, then you’re ready to double dutch a play partner.

So there you have it. Flogging 101, if you want to learn more, I totally recommend the book “Flogging” by Joseph W. Bean ISBN: 1-890159-27-1 available at chapters or where ever kinkier books are sold.

Until then, go out there and get your freak on.

5 sex toys you may not want to give her this holiday

Just remember creepy toys aren’t limited to the boys. In our search for toys you shouldn’t give as gifts some real weird ones came up for her as well. Sometimes you have to wonder what the toy designers were thinking and sometimes you just think to yourself Oh My Gods, That Goes Where?!

5.) Head O State – Just what Obama needs another box for someone to vote for him. Standing in at 7.5 inches high and 2 inches around this is one way to tell President Obama what he can do for you.


4.) Jackhammer Jesus – Yet another creation from our friends at Divine Interventions. After seeing this toy Master D made some comment about ramming Christianity down your throat and it really make one stop and think how do you like your religion? Not to let you think that they are only making fun of Christianity there are individuals of other faiths and beliefs there to, but on the whole probably not anyone you want to really move you.


3.) The Pleasure Periscope – Unless you are into medical play you probably haven’t seen inside your partners private parts and in most cases if you have it was very dark but…Where nature fails, the sex toy industry excels. This unique vibrator has a light at one end and mirrors to angle the image of their insides for your viewing pleasure. Probably not something you want to give her early on in the relationship, hell I may have a problem with it is Master D gave it to me and we are together almost 5 years now.


2.) Hello Kitty Vibrator – About Hello Kitty. Kitty’s birthday is 1 November. She was born in suburban London. She weighs the same as 3 apples and likes cute things, candy, stars and goldfish. Baking cookies is Kitty’s forte, but what she enjoys most is eating a slice of Mama’s apple pie! Really do you want an inanimate object that has a full bio and history going down there? At the end of the day that is probably the last place you want to see Hello Kitty no matter how much pleasure the Hello Kitty fanatic claims that Hello Kitty brings.


1.) Orca – Okay so I am going to just put this disclaimer out there I understand that some people feel it is okay to “luv” your pet and I’m not going to pass any sort of judgment on them that being said it takes a lot to actually turn my stomach but caring deviants in the fake dong industry put their skills to work, in making a dildo modeled after the junk of various animals. If your girl is into this and wants to try it on for size great but ask if your kink is her kink before shelling out the big bucks for this toy otherwise this may be your last holiday together.

Review: Butterfly Climaxer

Ever since I first became sexually active at 19 and began browsing local sex shops to indulge my curiosity in adult toys, I’ve been fascinated by rabbit vibrators. There would be shelves dedicated to them, among the many other vibrators to choose from, with many on display to play around with (well, obviously not entirely, but just to see what they do). The “rabbit” in question was never just a rabbit, but any number of little creatures, while the head spun, twisted and vibed in a number of different ways.

The amazing people at Adam & Eve have a variety of rabbit vibrators to choose from and when my ex received one in the mail for me to review, well, he can attest to my delight. See, I’m still new to sex toys, never built a collection (save for one other vibe picked up at a sex toy party) and definitely never had my own rabbit vibe.

I begin what is hopefully my own rabbit collection with the Butterfly Climaxer. A delightful white-and-clear toy that offers a rotating head, rotating beads in the shaft (both of which function at three different speeds), a cute (yes, it’s cute) vibrating butterfly clit stimulator (also functioning at three speeds) and the option to change the direction of the rotating head. For anyone new to rabbit vibes like myself, that leaves a lot of room for experimentation.

I’ve given the Butterfly Climaxer a few tries and have learned a few things about myself in the process. First off, I am not vaginally as sensitive as I really should be (though I realized this a while ago, the Climaxer helped me nail the issue home) and have trouble reaching orgasm vaginally (finding and hitting my G-spot is an entire separate issue all together). The rotating head and beads, at various speed levels, didn’t do much to stimulate me internally. I felt the presence of the head and shaft there and and what little sensitivity I do have let me enjoy the experience but I could not reach orgasm from it.

The only way I have been able to reach orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. That tiny area of concentrated nerve endings that sends me into shivers; I have to hit it just right for it to have any effect. My ex advised me on a way of using my thumb to manipulate the bullet-butterfly so that the antennae can stimulate my clit just right, which it does a pretty good job of doing once angled in the right way. With that much motion going on internally as well from the vibrations, getting that perfect angle isn’t all that easy.

I find it quite appropriate that it’s called the Butterfly Climaxer as I was able to reach climax, that happy fuzzy feeling of not-quite-orgasm where my mind is simply buzzing, quite a few times but only able to properly orgasm twice. I don’t fault the toy for this as I believe using a brand new toy is like getting comfortable with a new sex partner, it takes a few tries to get it right. Sex never came all that easily for me and I’m still in the process of exploring my own body to see what works and what doesn’t. Finding ways to make my vagina more sensitive to stimulation and therefore achieving a full orgasm is my current goal.

The Butterfly Climaxer has a plastic handle with easy-to-reach controls (even when you’re not looking) and a clear jelly shaft that slicks up easily with lube for better insertion. Two powerful motors control the shaft and the bullet-butterfly separately for various degrees of intensity. The vibe requires three AA batteries that rests inside a waterproof chamber leaving this toy waterproof for in-shower fun and easier clean up with a mild soap and warm water (or better yet, a good sex toy cleaner).

All in all, the Butterfly Climaxer is a great toy for experimentation, especially if you’re new to using rabbit vibrators. I can’t compare it to other rabbit vibes as I haven’t had the opportunity to try others yet but I hopefully will be able to soon enough. I’m sure the more I become accustomed to it, the more I’ll enjoy it.

How to of Choosing Vibrators

There’s so much more to vibrators than meets the eye. Did you know there are over 5 different styles of vibrators on the market today, each one created to give you a different sensation? Today I’ll cover some of the more popular types – So you can choose the one that sounds the most enjoyable for you or your lover, or your friend…

Plain Vibrators

As the name suggests, these are the common tube kind of vibrators you’d find at a sex shop. Although they’re simple, they’re really useful to have on hand. On top of giving stimulation to a single part of the genitals or anus, in a pinch, if they have enough power, you can use them to get a particular knot out of a muscle. Just please wash it first.
Use: Internal or external
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Power Pole Rider
Power Smoothies
Krypton Stix 6
Silky Extra Single Speed Vibe
Breeze Power Bullet 5″

Real Penis Vibrators

These are the realistic penises designed to arouse your body. They also work well, when you flip into a really good fantasy, at causing you mind to think it’s the real deal. These are often made of materials that are designed to look and feel like a real penis, many of them imitate the veins and bulges you’d see on a real one as well. And some of them come in clours and sizes you wouldn’t want to see on a real penis.
Use: Primarily internal. Usually works well in a strap-on.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Big Boy Vibrating Dildo
Doc Johnson UR3 Vibrating 8″ Cock
8″ Vibrating Emperor
Mr. BIG Vibrator
Softeaze Waterproof Cock N Balls

Clitoral Vibrators

These can come in an array of styles, and could have a post all on their own. The most basic type is the bullet or egg, a small vibrator you can press right up against your clit, or anus. Then comes my personal favorite the strap on clitoral vibrators. Typically these are vibrators that can be tied in place and have it held against a clit. Sometimes these vibes are wired but more often than not they are wireless controlled by a remote.

*NOTE* most to the wireless varieties are run on the same frequency so if you are wearing one out in public please be aware that anyone who “happens” by with a remote or any sex store testing theirs out at the correct time could turn yours on or off. Master D is infamous for walking around Downtown Toronto with a remote set to on.
Use: Usually external but could be used internal if it is waterproof.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Clit Kisser
Aphrodite Massager
The Original Venus Butterfly
Wireless Waterproof Multi-Function Bunny Bullet
Fukuoku 9000
Sasi Intelligent Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators

These are specially designed vibrators made with one intention…to promote a G-Spot orgasm or in the case of a male the P-Spot. This is a toy that can really help you find your G/P-Spot. Having your G/P-spot vibrated can feel absolutely amazing, but please remember that not everyone likes vibration there.
Use: Primarily internal.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Doc Johnson Internal Sensations Vibe
Fun Factory Flipper G2
Groovy Chick
Lelo Gigi
The Delight Rechargeable Vibrator
We-Vibe II Couples’ Vibrator

The Rabbit Vibrators

These are some of the most amazing and adaptable of vibrators on the market today. The Rabbits comes in many styles but they all have one basic formula. A shaft and a tip designed to stimulate your clitoris while you’re pleasuring yourself. This way, you’re stimulated both inside and outside at the same time. The shaft itself can come in many varieties, the plain, the ribbed, the rotating, the loose rotating beads or beaded that had fixes beads that rotate under the surface are just a few choices. The different styles produce distinctive kinds of feelings, so I urge you to try out different styles and see what works for you.

If you are a male looking to try one of these vibes out it can be used internally with the outer tip being used to stimulate the perineum. Please remember that you are looking for a shaft to stimulate the prostate so a texture that is really flexible such as the ribbed or the loose beads would be a better starter than say the rotating or the fixed beads, as if you clench you sphincter muscles you could ruin the motor because it can’t rotate properly.
Internal and external
User: Personal. Female or male.

Some examples are:
Climaxer Butterfly Vibrator
Lelo Ina
Cal Exotics Passion Wave Stimulator
Ocean Rechargeable Dual Vibrator
Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Vibe – Limited

How do you choose the right vibrator to you? Look at the list above . What catches your interest or excites you. Does the idea of playing with a bullet vibe turn you on? Or maybe the multiple sensations of using a Rabbit? Or a combination of a clitoral vibe and a realistic penis or tube vibe would be more of what you are looking for. Perhaps you’ve never felt a G/P-Spot orgasm, and you really want to try to find it.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Give yourself the joy of experimenting with different types of vibes. Take the time to relax and really test out the sensations that could come from your new toy. And please don’t forget that there are more types than are listed here, finding the right can one take time.

Who is Mei QingTing?

Maybe it was the beer talking.

Maybe it was the goading from the crowd, my desire for attention, maybe it was the adrenaline pushing through my veins from having a really good time.

Maybe I make too many excuses.

Either way, I dove into it. Head first. I mean how else do you dive in? I’m writing a new sex blog. After G (PsycheDiver), my ex decided to close down Horny Geek, a sex blog he had started with the ex before me, he encouraged me to start my own blog and keep writing. Not that writing was ever a problem for me, a journalism grad has no choice but to write and I’m already active (or at least semi-active) in other blogs on different topics, but specifically keep writing about sex. Apparently I’m good at it. Apparently. And, let’s face it, I’m a late discoverer. Though I’ve been sexually active since 19, and though I’ve had more sexual encounters with more people than I can actually remember… I still barely know what the fuck I’m doing.

Oh, pardon my language, I tend to do that a lot. Swear that is.

At 27, I’m only starting to embrace my sexuality in whatever form it may take, the body it inhabits, and the acts I choose to let it take joy in. No better time than now to let it roam free, right? In more ways than one. I’m also fairly new to this whole kink scene, unlike my co-writers here, but from what I’ve encountered, I love the way it feels.

My co-writers would be pet lexie, my best friend since high school (that’s a good 12 years and counting, I like to throw in that fact every so often to remind her and watch her cringe, it’s fun) and a woman far well versed in the world of sex than I. The name of this blog is Oh My Gods That Goes Where?!, which were the exact words I said the first time I walked into Northbound Leather with her many years ago. After all these years, things have changed, I have evolved and yes, thank you, I know exactly where that goes.

Master Daemen is pet lexie’s husband, Master and owner and my good friend that I like to geek out with over sinister topics like surviving the imminent zombie apocalypse, the ultimate Dooms Day Device, ideas for kink and sex toys with as many operating functions as a Swiss army knife, and Scott Pilgrim. I’ve known him for as long as him and pet lexie have been together and we’ve become quick friends. Him watching me grow into my own sexual person has, I’m sure, been if not at least fun, definitely a source of amusement. Especially him learning the fact that I’ve grown into a play only sub which has certainly driven the gears in his head to crank in overtime. He tells me he has rope he’d like to try out…

I am indeed a sexual play-only submissive. I’m far too much of a bitch to allow that to extend anywhere else and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like being able to relinquish control of my self, body and mind over to someone else for a few hours in play to balance out my constant demand for control. In many ways I can be a switch, but I much prefer bedroom subbing.

As pet lexie mentioned in her intro, it was one almost fateful dinner over at her and Master Daemen’s apartment with myself and PsycheDiver (who may occasionally pop in here to offer a review, he may’ve closed his blog but, like myself, he can’t stop writing) that lead to the birth of this blog. As usual, dinner at pet lexie and Master Daemen’s turns into “let us show off our kink and sex toy collection! Get the gun case and the tool chest!” which turned into someone bent over the large coffee table.  That someone was me, with Master Daemen, flogger in hand, standing over me (and PsycheDiver watching on with…I would like to say awed but that’s not right…profound curiosity) and pet lexie laughing to herself about that girl she knew back in high school sprawled over her coffee table. We all knew at that point that things were bound to get a lot more, well, interesting and it’d be best to start documenting it.

Fast forward to a night out at a pub surrounded by beer, good cheer, great friends, and a serendipitous vibe in the air. The idea of this blog comes up again and is further warmed up to with the addition of a bit more beer. We’re still at a loss for a name. Later on, the mention of fleshlights comes into play and I jokingly exclaim “Oh my Gods, that goes where?!” to which Master Daemen exclaims “there’s your name!”. Well so it is.

And here we are.

Oh, in case you’re wondering. Mei is my Chinese name (yes, I’m Chinese, Toronto born and a journalism graduate working in retail. Shuddup.) Qingting is the phonetic translation of the term for “dragonfly”.

And why Gods in the title? Because there are many.

Who is Master Daemen?

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting this blog, my name is Master Daemen. I am a Bi, poly and have switched from time to time. My job here is to write articles covering the toys that are designed for men.

I think men’s sex toys are very rarely seriously reviewed, most reputable sex shops are either owned or operated by women (with good reason, most sex toys are for women and few women like getting product reviews from men) this though means that most reviews for men’s toys are done by women. Personally before something gets wrapped around me, or slid into me I like to know how it’s going to feel.

That being said I’ve decided to be everyone else’s Ginny pig, I will subject my manhood and other parts to these contraptions, I will shove my cock into the foam replicas of Asian porn queens, subjecting myself to orgasm after orgasm, not for myself, but for you, the reader, and why you ask? Because I’m a giver.

Also, I will be doing a few articles on the kink lifestyle, everything from kink party etiquette, to how to use a flogger, even on how to make poly relationships work. I’ve lived in the poly/S&M lifestyle for over 10 years now, I’m a respected Dom in Toronto and New York amateur (non paid) scene, I was in a successful poly relationship with over eight partners for over 2 years before deciding to step away from the lifestyle to marry and collar my wife and current submissive: pet lexie.

Again thank you for reading, and please enjoy.

Yours in kink,
Master Daemen

Who is pet lexie?

This whole blog came to Mei and i in a very odd way. Mei’s and her bf , at the time, PsycheDiver were over for dinner at Master Daemen and my apartment and he mentioned he was going to be shutting down the sex blog he had started a few years ago and that both he and Mei wrote for. Mei and I looked at each other and mentioned that we would be willing to take it over. He didn’t really want us too as it was mostly his history and we should start off with a fresh blog so we thought about it and it went by the way side. Flash forward to a pub dinner in October. The idea came up again in conversation and people thought it would be a good idea for us to work on. By the end of the evening the name was born and the next day we had a blog.

So who am i you ask and why would i want to write a sex blog? Well i am best described as … A soft femme. i’ve been told that i have “killer eyes” and a fantastic smile. i am often described as being too smart for my own good, an awesome hugger, having a huge heart, a rock, and a great shoulder. i am a semi-social butterfly, who can often be seen showing the tendencies of a bookworm. i like to go out and have a good time but can also be happy staying home to watch a movie. i am really an exception to (almost) every rule.

What you should know … i am a non-smoker who doesn’t do drugs or drink. i am not averse to having fun. i am happily married and collared to my Master Daemen. My passions… camping, rock climbing, spelunking, white water rafting and generally exploring the great outdoors, and discovering all that the goddess has to give. i tend to change topics in the middle of a sentence and i can get lost in thought and sometimes can’t find my way back. i like deep, philosophical discussions, and light-hearted, fun discussions. i am not a player and i firmly believe in honesty, it’s one of my favourite things, so if you ask, i will answer. i love to learn and do new things, it doesn’t really matter the subject. i have been in the kink community for over 10 years and spent several years as a sex educator, teaching about basic kink, safer sex, sex toys and more. i love sex and all the things that go with it and so i would like to share a piece of my world with you our readers. I have an extensive collection of toys and floggers some or which really do it for me and some of which don’t. When i recommend a toy or not I’m stating my personal preference but remember everyone has their own likes and dislikes and you’ll find what works for you or not.