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Review: The Flishlight

That’s right the flishlight, the grand pappy design of male masturbators The outside is a simple grey “flashlight looking” tube and inside it’s a cyberskin orifice for you to fuck. It’s available here in three different styles, please check it out! So during the Everything To Do With Sex Show I went out and picked …

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The Tools: Floggers

So far we’ve learned how to work in the public scene, and how to conduct yourself in a scene. Now we are going to talk about some of the tools, this time around I want to talk about my favourite tool floggers. Floggers have been around in one form or another since early Sparta, though …

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Who is Master Daemen?

Dear Readers, Thank you for visiting this blog, my name is Master Daemen. I am a Bi, poly and have switched from time to time. My job here is to write articles covering the toys that are designed for men. I think men’s sex toys are very rarely seriously reviewed, most reputable sex shops are …

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