Review: Butterfly Climaxer

Ever since I first became sexually active at 19 and began browsing local sex shops to indulge my curiosity in adult toys, I’ve been fascinated by rabbit vibrators. There would be shelves dedicated to them, among the many other vibrators to choose from, with many on display to play around with (well, obviously not entirely, but just to see what they do). The “rabbit” in question was never just a rabbit, but any number of little creatures, while the head spun, twisted and vibed in a number of different ways.

The amazing people at Adam & Eve have a variety of rabbit vibrators to choose from and when my ex received one in the mail for me to review, well, he can attest to my delight. See, I’m still new to sex toys, never built a collection (save for one other vibe picked up at a sex toy party) and definitely never had my own rabbit vibe.

I begin what is hopefully my own rabbit collection with the Butterfly Climaxer. A delightful white-and-clear toy that offers a rotating head, rotating beads in the shaft (both of which function at three different speeds), a cute (yes, it’s cute) vibrating butterfly clit stimulator (also functioning at three speeds) and the option to change the direction of the rotating head. For anyone new to rabbit vibes like myself, that leaves a lot of room for experimentation.

I’ve given the Butterfly Climaxer a few tries and have learned a few things about myself in the process. First off, I am not vaginally as sensitive as I really should be (though I realized this a while ago, the Climaxer helped me nail the issue home) and have trouble reaching orgasm vaginally (finding and hitting my G-spot is an entire separate issue all together). The rotating head and beads, at various speed levels, didn’t do much to stimulate me internally. I felt the presence of the head and shaft there and and what little sensitivity I do have let me enjoy the experience but I could not reach orgasm from it.

The only way I have been able to reach orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. That tiny area of concentrated nerve endings that sends me into shivers; I have to hit it just right for it to have any effect. My ex advised me on a way of using my thumb to manipulate the bullet-butterfly so that the antennae can stimulate my clit just right, which it does a pretty good job of doing once angled in the right way. With that much motion going on internally as well from the vibrations, getting that perfect angle isn’t all that easy.

I find it quite appropriate that it’s called the Butterfly Climaxer as I was able to reach climax, that happy fuzzy feeling of not-quite-orgasm where my mind is simply buzzing, quite a few times but only able to properly orgasm twice. I don’t fault the toy for this as I believe using a brand new toy is like getting comfortable with a new sex partner, it takes a few tries to get it right. Sex never came all that easily for me and I’m still in the process of exploring my own body to see what works and what doesn’t. Finding ways to make my vagina more sensitive to stimulation and therefore achieving a full orgasm is my current goal.

The Butterfly Climaxer has a plastic handle with easy-to-reach controls (even when you’re not looking) and a clear jelly shaft that slicks up easily with lube for better insertion. Two powerful motors control the shaft and the bullet-butterfly separately for various degrees of intensity. The vibe requires three AA batteries that rests inside a waterproof chamber leaving this toy waterproof for in-shower fun and easier clean up with a mild soap and warm water (or better yet, a good sex toy cleaner).

All in all, the Butterfly Climaxer is a great toy for experimentation, especially if you’re new to using rabbit vibrators. I can’t compare it to other rabbit vibes as I haven’t had the opportunity to try others yet but I hopefully will be able to soon enough. I’m sure the more I become accustomed to it, the more I’ll enjoy it.

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