Who is Master Daemen?

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting this blog, my name is Master Daemen. I am a Bi, poly and have switched from time to time. My job here is to write articles covering the toys that are designed for men.

I think men’s sex toys are very rarely seriously reviewed, most reputable sex shops are either owned or operated by women (with good reason, most sex toys are for women and few women like getting product reviews from men) this though means that most reviews for men’s toys are done by women. Personally before something gets wrapped around me, or slid into me I like to know how it’s going to feel.

That being said I’ve decided to be everyone else’s Ginny pig, I will subject my manhood and other parts to these contraptions, I will shove my cock into the foam replicas of Asian porn queens, subjecting myself to orgasm after orgasm, not for myself, but for you, the reader, and why you ask? Because I’m a giver.

Also, I will be doing a few articles on the kink lifestyle, everything from kink party etiquette, to how to use a flogger, even on how to make poly relationships work. I’ve lived in the poly/S&M lifestyle for over 10 years now, I’m a respected Dom in Toronto and New York amateur (non paid) scene, I was in a successful poly relationship with over eight partners for over 2 years before deciding to step away from the lifestyle to marry and collar my wife and current submissive: pet lexie.

Again thank you for reading, and please enjoy.

Yours in kink,
Master Daemen

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