Who is pet lexie?

This whole blog came to Mei and i in a very odd way. Mei’s and her bf , at the time, PsycheDiver were over for dinner at Master Daemen and my apartment and he mentioned he was going to be shutting down the sex blog he had started a few years ago and that both he and Mei wrote for. Mei and I looked at each other and mentioned that we would be willing to take it over. He didn’t really want us too as it was mostly his history and we should start off with a fresh blog so we thought about it and it went by the way side. Flash forward to a pub dinner in October. The idea came up again in conversation and people thought it would be a good idea for us to work on. By the end of the evening the name was born and the next day we had a blog.

So who am i you ask and why would i want to write a sex blog? Well i am best described as … A soft femme. i’ve been told that i have “killer eyes” and a fantastic smile. i am often described as being too smart for my own good, an awesome hugger, having a huge heart, a rock, and a great shoulder. i am a semi-social butterfly, who can often be seen showing the tendencies of a bookworm. i like to go out and have a good time but can also be happy staying home to watch a movie. i am really an exception to (almost) every rule.

What you should know … i am a non-smoker who doesn’t do drugs or drink. i am not averse to having fun. i am happily married and collared to my Master Daemen. My passions… camping, rock climbing, spelunking, white water rafting and generally exploring the great outdoors, and discovering all that the goddess has to give. i tend to change topics in the middle of a sentence and i can get lost in thought and sometimes can’t find my way back. i like deep, philosophical discussions, and light-hearted, fun discussions. i am not a player and i firmly believe in honesty, it’s one of my favourite things, so if you ask, i will answer. i love to learn and do new things, it doesn’t really matter the subject. i have been in the kink community for over 10 years and spent several years as a sex educator, teaching about basic kink, safer sex, sex toys and more. i love sex and all the things that go with it and so i would like to share a piece of my world with you our readers. I have an extensive collection of toys and floggers some or which really do it for me and some of which don’t. When i recommend a toy or not I’m stating my personal preference but remember everyone has their own likes and dislikes and you’ll find what works for you or not.

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