Who is Mei QingTing?

Maybe it was the beer talking.

Maybe it was the goading from the crowd, my desire for attention, maybe it was the adrenaline pushing through my veins from having a really good time.

Maybe I make too many excuses.

Either way, I dove into it. Head first. I mean how else do you dive in? I’m writing a new sex blog. After G (PsycheDiver), my ex decided to close down Horny Geek, a sex blog he had started with the ex before me, he encouraged me to start my own blog and keep writing. Not that writing was ever a problem for me, a journalism grad has no choice but to write and I’m already active (or at least semi-active) in other blogs on different topics, but specifically keep writing about sex. Apparently I’m good at it. Apparently. And, let’s face it, I’m a late discoverer. Though I’ve been sexually active since 19, and though I’ve had more sexual encounters with more people than I can actually remember… I still barely know what the fuck I’m doing.

Oh, pardon my language, I tend to do that a lot. Swear that is.

At 27, I’m only starting to embrace my sexuality in whatever form it may take, the body it inhabits, and the acts I choose to let it take joy in. No better time than now to let it roam free, right? In more ways than one. I’m also fairly new to this whole kink scene, unlike my co-writers here, but from what I’ve encountered, I love the way it feels.

My co-writers would be pet lexie, my best friend since high school (that’s a good 12 years and counting, I like to throw in that fact every so often to remind her and watch her cringe, it’s fun) and a woman far well versed in the world of sex than I. The name of this blog is Oh My Gods That Goes Where?!, which were the exact words I said the first time I walked into Northbound Leather with her many years ago. After all these years, things have changed, I have evolved and yes, thank you, I know exactly where that goes.

Master Daemen is pet lexie’s husband, Master and owner and my good friend that I like to geek out with over sinister topics like surviving the imminent zombie apocalypse, the ultimate Dooms Day Device, ideas for kink and sex toys with as many operating functions as a Swiss army knife, and Scott Pilgrim. I’ve known him for as long as him and pet lexie have been together and we’ve become quick friends. Him watching me grow into my own sexual person has, I’m sure, been if not at least fun, definitely a source of amusement. Especially him learning the fact that I’ve grown into a play only sub which has certainly driven the gears in his head to crank in overtime. He tells me he has rope he’d like to try out…

I am indeed a sexual play-only submissive. I’m far too much of a bitch to allow that to extend anywhere else and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like being able to relinquish control of my self, body and mind over to someone else for a few hours in play to balance out my constant demand for control. In many ways I can be a switch, but I much prefer bedroom subbing.

As pet lexie mentioned in her intro, it was one almost fateful dinner over at her and Master Daemen’s apartment with myself and PsycheDiver (who may occasionally pop in here to offer a review, he may’ve closed his blog but, like myself, he can’t stop writing) that lead to the birth of this blog. As usual, dinner at pet lexie and Master Daemen’s turns into “let us show off our kink and sex toy collection! Get the gun case and the tool chest!” which turned into someone bent over the large coffee table.  That someone was me, with Master Daemen, flogger in hand, standing over me (and PsycheDiver watching on with…I would like to say awed but that’s not right…profound curiosity) and pet lexie laughing to herself about that girl she knew back in high school sprawled over her coffee table. We all knew at that point that things were bound to get a lot more, well, interesting and it’d be best to start documenting it.

Fast forward to a night out at a pub surrounded by beer, good cheer, great friends, and a serendipitous vibe in the air. The idea of this blog comes up again and is further warmed up to with the addition of a bit more beer. We’re still at a loss for a name. Later on, the mention of fleshlights comes into play and I jokingly exclaim “Oh my Gods, that goes where?!” to which Master Daemen exclaims “there’s your name!”. Well so it is.

And here we are.

Oh, in case you’re wondering. Mei is my Chinese name (yes, I’m Chinese, Toronto born and a journalism graduate working in retail. Shuddup.) Qingting is the phonetic translation of the term for “dragonfly”.

And why Gods in the title? Because there are many.

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