How to of Choosing Vibrators

There’s so much more to vibrators than meets the eye. Did you know there are over 5 different styles of vibrators on the market today, each one created to give you a different sensation? Today I’ll cover some of the more popular types – So you can choose the one that sounds the most enjoyable for you or your lover, or your friend…

Plain Vibrators

As the name suggests, these are the common tube kind of vibrators you’d find at a sex shop. Although they’re simple, they’re really useful to have on hand. On top of giving stimulation to a single part of the genitals or anus, in a pinch, if they have enough power, you can use them to get a particular knot out of a muscle. Just please wash it first.
Use: Internal or external
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Power Pole Rider
Power Smoothies
Krypton Stix 6
Silky Extra Single Speed Vibe
Breeze Power Bullet 5″

Real Penis Vibrators

These are the realistic penises designed to arouse your body. They also work well, when you flip into a really good fantasy, at causing you mind to think it’s the real deal. These are often made of materials that are designed to look and feel like a real penis, many of them imitate the veins and bulges you’d see on a real one as well. And some of them come in clours and sizes you wouldn’t want to see on a real penis.
Use: Primarily internal. Usually works well in a strap-on.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Big Boy Vibrating Dildo
Doc Johnson UR3 Vibrating 8″ Cock
8″ Vibrating Emperor
Mr. BIG Vibrator
Softeaze Waterproof Cock N Balls

Clitoral Vibrators

These can come in an array of styles, and could have a post all on their own. The most basic type is the bullet or egg, a small vibrator you can press right up against your clit, or anus. Then comes my personal favorite the strap on clitoral vibrators. Typically these are vibrators that can be tied in place and have it held against a clit. Sometimes these vibes are wired but more often than not they are wireless controlled by a remote.

*NOTE* most to the wireless varieties are run on the same frequency so if you are wearing one out in public please be aware that anyone who “happens” by with a remote or any sex store testing theirs out at the correct time could turn yours on or off. Master D is infamous for walking around Downtown Toronto with a remote set to on.
Use: Usually external but could be used internal if it is waterproof.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Clit Kisser
Aphrodite Massager
The Original Venus Butterfly
Wireless Waterproof Multi-Function Bunny Bullet
Fukuoku 9000
Sasi Intelligent Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators

These are specially designed vibrators made with one intention…to promote a G-Spot orgasm or in the case of a male the P-Spot. This is a toy that can really help you find your G/P-Spot. Having your G/P-spot vibrated can feel absolutely amazing, but please remember that not everyone likes vibration there.
Use: Primarily internal.
User: Male or female. Personal or Couple.

Some examples are:
Doc Johnson Internal Sensations Vibe
Fun Factory Flipper G2
Groovy Chick
Lelo Gigi
The Delight Rechargeable Vibrator
We-Vibe II Couples’ Vibrator

The Rabbit Vibrators

These are some of the most amazing and adaptable of vibrators on the market today. The Rabbits comes in many styles but they all have one basic formula. A shaft and a tip designed to stimulate your clitoris while you’re pleasuring yourself. This way, you’re stimulated both inside and outside at the same time. The shaft itself can come in many varieties, the plain, the ribbed, the rotating, the loose rotating beads or beaded that had fixes beads that rotate under the surface are just a few choices. The different styles produce distinctive kinds of feelings, so I urge you to try out different styles and see what works for you.

If you are a male looking to try one of these vibes out it can be used internally with the outer tip being used to stimulate the perineum. Please remember that you are looking for a shaft to stimulate the prostate so a texture that is really flexible such as the ribbed or the loose beads would be a better starter than say the rotating or the fixed beads, as if you clench you sphincter muscles you could ruin the motor because it can’t rotate properly.
Internal and external
User: Personal. Female or male.

Some examples are:
Climaxer Butterfly Vibrator
Lelo Ina
Cal Exotics Passion Wave Stimulator
Ocean Rechargeable Dual Vibrator
Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Vibe – Limited

How do you choose the right vibrator to you? Look at the list above . What catches your interest or excites you. Does the idea of playing with a bullet vibe turn you on? Or maybe the multiple sensations of using a Rabbit? Or a combination of a clitoral vibe and a realistic penis or tube vibe would be more of what you are looking for. Perhaps you’ve never felt a G/P-Spot orgasm, and you really want to try to find it.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Give yourself the joy of experimenting with different types of vibes. Take the time to relax and really test out the sensations that could come from your new toy. And please don’t forget that there are more types than are listed here, finding the right can one take time.

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