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Nov 30

World AIDS Day

So I’m going to climb up on my soap box for today’s post. As young people today we have never known a world without AIDS. When it was first brought to public attention nearly 30 years ago, no one could have predicted that by 2010, more than 25 million people worldwide would have lost their …

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Nov 24

Review: Everything to do with Sex show

Master D and I went to “The Everything to do with Sex Show” here in Toronto on Saturday November 20th just to see the sights and what was new. This was by no means our first visit to the show, we weren’t there last year but were there the previous 2 years and I was …

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Nov 20

5 sex toys you may not want to give her this holiday

Just remember creepy toys aren’t limited to the boys. In our search for toys you shouldn’t give as gifts some real weird ones came up for her as well. Sometimes you have to wonder what the toy designers were thinking and sometimes you just think to yourself Oh My Gods, That Goes Where?! 5.) Head …

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Oct 29

How to of Choosing Vibrators

There’s so much more to vibrators than meets the eye. Did you know there are over 5 different styles of vibrators on the market today, each one created to give you a different sensation? Today I’ll cover some of the more popular types – So you can choose the one that sounds the most enjoyable …

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Oct 23

Who is pet lexie?

This whole blog came to Mei and i in a very odd way. Mei’s and her bf , at the time, PsycheDiver were over for dinner at Master Daemen and my apartment and he mentioned he was going to be shutting down the sex blog he had started a few years ago and that both …

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